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Regina Fire Bylaw No. 2018-49

Bylaws related to fire, fireworks and pyrotechnics controlThe Regina Fire Bylaw      

The Fire Bylaw No. 2018-49 was established to provide for fire prevention, suppression and protection services to the Regina citizens. This bylaw outlines the duties and powers of the Fire and Protective Services Department; the fees and charges for fire services; and fireworks and pyrotechnics control within the city.


  • The Regina Fire and Protective Services Department shall:
    • provide fire prevention, suppression and protection services, as well as emergency response services
    • conduct inspections and investigations
    • provide rescue services and educational and training programs
    • regulate fireworks and pyrotechnics
  • The Fire Chief is responsible for and shall carry out the daily administration and operations of the department and may make any policy, regulations or operating procedures where necessary.
  • Certain fees will be charged for the various services listed in the bylaw.
  • Smoke alarms must be installed between each sleeping area and the remainder of the house.
  • Smoke alarms shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.


There are fines in place for individuals and/or corporations who do not comply to the regulations within the bylaw. Fines can reach up to $25,000.

Report a bylaw infraction:

If you know of a bylaw violation and would like to report it, contact Service Regina by calling 306-777-7000 or using the online service request form.


This page is an overview of these regulations. Refer to the bylaw for detailed information. The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a copy upon request.