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Regina Transit Fare Bylaw, 2009

Bylaw related to transit fare The Regina Transit Fare Bylaw

The Transit Fare Bylaw No. 2009-22 was established to set fares for the use of the transit and paratransit services in the city.  


  • No person shall use the paratransit service unless they meet the eligibility criteria listed in the Paratransit Policy and Procedure Guide.
  • Every adult shall pay the Adult Cash Fare or purchase and tender a Monthly Adult Pass.
  • Every youth shall pay the Youth Cash Fare, who may also purchase and tender a Monthly Youth Pass.
  • Adult or Youth Rides shall be purchased only in multiples of 10.
  • A child under five years of age who is accompanied by a fare-paying passenger may use the transit or paratransit service for free. Otherwise, the Youth Fare is required to be paid.
  • A senior may purchase and tender an Annual Senior Pass or a Semi-Annual Senior Pass.
  • Monthly post-secondary student passes are available to full-time students who have been studying at a post-secondary educational institution in Regina for a minimum of three consecutive months.
  • U-Pass is available for University of Regina students.
  • A person may purchase and tender a Day Pass and Weekend Family Pass.
  • Transit and paratransit charter services are available. Fees for these services are listed in the bylaw.


This page is an overview of these regulations. Refer to the bylaw for detailed information. The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a copy upon request.