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Regina Water and Sewer Utility Bylaw No. 9847

The Water and Sewer Utility Bylaw

Bylaw related to water and sewer utility         

The Water and Sewer Utility Bylaw No. 9847 was established to regulate and control water use in our community by private individuals and/or companies. 


  • Water service is provided by the City with applicable charges and fees.
  • All residential and business water accounts are required to be set up on a water meter.
  • No person should connect or allow chemical, wastewater and any other liquid or foreign substance to enter the water system.
  • Please refer to The Regina Water Bylaw No. 8942 for detailed information.    


There are fines in place for individuals and/or corporations who do not comply to the regulations within the bylaw. Fines can reach up to $5,000.

Report a bylaw infraction:

If you know of a bylaw violation and would like to report it, please contact Service Regina by calling 306-777-7000 or using the online service request form.


This page is an overview of these regulations. Refer to the bylaw for detailed information. The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a copy upon request.