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Bylaw No 2016-2 The Regina Community Standards Bylaw

Bylaw related to community standardsThe Regina Community Standards Bylaw

The Community Standards Bylaw No. 2016-2 was established to regulate the maintenance of properties and structures in the city in an attractive, clean and safe condition and provide for enforcement of those standards.


  • No person shall cause, permit or suffer a nuisance to exist on any property.
  • No owner shall cause, permit or suffer their property to be overgrown with grass, which means the length of grass blade in excess of 15 centimetres.
  • No person shall suffer, cause or permit any land, building, structure or yard to become untidy or unsightly due to serious disregard for general maintenance or upkeep.
  • No person shall suffer, cause or permit graffiti to remain on any building or other structure on a property.
  • No person shall suffer, cause or permit any junked vehicle to be kept on any land.
  • No person shall suffer, cause or permit any unsecured open excavation on any land.
  • Shining an outdoor light directly into the living or sleeping areas of adjacent houses is not permitted.
  • All properties shall be maintained in accordance with the standards outlined in Schedule A.
  • A notice of violation with voluntary payment and minimum fine amount to be imposed on conviction for certain contraventions are listed in schedule B.


There are fines in place for individuals and/or corporations who do not comply to the regulations within the bylaw. Fines can reach up to $2,000.

Report a bylaw infraction:

If you know of a bylaw violation and would like to report it, contact Service Regina by calling 306-777-7000 or using the online service request form.


This page is an overview of these regulations. Refer to the bylaw for detailed information. The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a copy upon request.