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Transit System Bylaw

Bylaw related to transit system 

Transit System Bylaw

The Transit System Bylaw No. 4173 was established to regulate the conduct and activities of transit users in order to promote the safety and well-being of employees and passengers on the transit system.


  • Transit users must pay applicable fare and comply with all fare terms and conditions.
  • No person shall enter a bus except by the front entrance door, unless instructed otherwise by the employee of the transit system.
  • No person shall smoke or light a fire in or on any bus.
  • No person shall disturb, annoy or interfere with any other person on the bus.
  • No person shall use loud, foul, insulting, abusive or inappropriate language while waiting for or riding a transit bus.
  • Transit employees shall not allow an item that may cause unsafe conditions, or an obstruction, onto the bus.
  • No person shall extend any body part or object through bus window.


There are fines in place for individuals and/or corporations who do not comply to the regulations within the bylaw. Fines can reach up to $100.

Report a bylaw infraction:

If you know of a bylaw violation and would like to report it, contact Service Regina by calling 306-777-7000 or using the online service request form.

If there is an immediate risk to the safety of people or property, call 911.


This page is an overview of these regulations. Refer to the bylaw for detailed information. The Office of the City Clerk keeps the latest version of each bylaw on file and will provide a copy upon request.