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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for the Bylaw Enforcement Branch?

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (except holidays).

I made a messy yard complaint several days ago and nothing has been done to rectify the problem. Why is the City taking so long?

The Bylaw Enforcement branch responds to all complaints that come through Service Regina. Response time may depend on volume of complaints, availability of resources, and priority (i.e. issues of public safety are top priority).

Officers attempt to resolve situations through education and voluntary compliance whenever possible. If Bylaw Enforcement must take formal action, the property owner has 15 days to appeal an Order to Comply in front of the Regina Appeals Board, which meets on a monthly basis.

My neighbours are having a noisy party and it is 2 a.m. What should I do?

Call the Regina Police Service Communications Centre at 306-777-6500. Be prepared to provide the address of the residence from which the noise is coming and your phone number so the Communications Officer can call you back to confirm information. More information regarding noise complaints can be found on the Regina Police Service website.

Does the City enforce issues with rental properties?

Tenants with concerns regarding health and safety standards at his/her dwelling or apartment should first advise the landlord in writing of their concerns in order to allow the landlord the opportunity to address the issue first. If the landlord does not resolve the issue, tenants may pursue the course of action appropriate to their concern:

  • If the complaint is related to the yard or exterior maintenance of the rental property and the landlord has not taken action to resolve the problem, a complaint can be made to Service Regina (306-777-7000) and a Bylaw Enforcement Officer may order the property owner to conduct any necessary repairs, clean-up, or maintenance.
  • Issues related to fire safety (e.g., problems with smoke alarms, exits, windows) are investigated by Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) fire inspectors. Tenants can make a complaint by calling 306-777-7830 and a fire inspector will be in contact to gather all relevant information. RFPS will not take action on anonymous requests or information based on hearsay.
  • Public health concerns in rental housing (e.g., rodent/insect infestations, sewer back-ups, extensive mould) are investigated by the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR). Public health complaints can be submitted directly to RQHR. Additional information and a complaint form can be found at
  • If the rental unit concern is not related to exterior property maintenance, fire safety, or public health, please contact the Office of Residential Tenancies.