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Burial Options & Services

Our cemeteries respect all cultures, religions and traditions. Making final arrangements can be overwhelming, whether you are planning ahead or unexpectedly. Our office can provide information on a variety of burial options available for you, your families and friends during this time.

For pricing information, please reference the 2019 Cemetery Fee Schedule

Interment Options

Traditional Plots

Traditional plots are currently available at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery:

  • a plot allows for one casket interment and up to three cremated remains interments
  • there are a number of different areas to choose a location that meets your needs
  • deciding on a plot is dependent on the specific style monument you would prefer; please ensure the plot you purchase can accommodate your choice of memorial such as pillow type, upright or flat
  • all casket interments require a burial dome which can be arranged through a funeral home

Cremation Plots

These plots allow for the interment of cremated remains in the ground. There are three types of cremation plots:

  • Single plots: for one urn are available at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery. A bronze plaque can be purchased to memorialize a loved one on the group monument.
  • Standard or Option Area plots: are available at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery allowing the interment of up to four urns. Specific memorials, such as pillow-type, flat or upright style monuments, may only be allowed for plots in certain areas; please ensure the plot you purchase can accommodate your choice of memorial.


There are several different columbarium choices at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery and Prairie Rose at Regina Cemetery. 

  • Outdoor Columbarium: standard or premium niche and family niche: All standard and premium niches hold up to 2 urns. Riverside's Prairie Lane Columbarium also has family niches that hold up to 4 urns. A local monument company will work with you to memorialize/engrave the niche door cover.
  • Indoor Columbarium: An indoor niche at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery can accommodate up to 2 urns. Each niche has a glass front that can be etched with memorialization by an engraving service provider. Urns for the indoor columbarium must be fire resistant. A personal security code allows you access to the indoor columbarium during visiting hours.


The Ossuary is located in Prairie Plaza adjacent to the administrative office at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery and allows for cremated remains to be placed in column shaped common urn. Interments are permitted between May and October.

Scattering Garden

There is a Scattering Garden at both Regina and Riverside Memorial Park Cemeteries allow for cremated remains to be scattered. Interments in the Scattering Garden are permitted between May and October.

Field of Honour

The City of Regina honours veterans at both Regina and Riverside Memorial Park Cemeteries with a section dedicated to the interment of past or present members of the Canadian Armed Forces, para-military forces or Allied Forces.

Currently there are over 1,275 veteran's plots located at Regina Cemetery surrounding the Cross of Sacrifice and over 2,630 veteran's plots located at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery.

Prerequisites for burial in the Field of Honour

  • A regimental identification number is required.
  • Both traditional and cremated remains are allowed.
  • The remains of the Veteran’s spouse may be interred after in the same plot and have their name included on a bronze plaque attached to the memorial or a flat marker. A spouse can only have their own plot and monument adjacent to the Veteran if:
    • They were a Veteran.
    • There is a second plot available that is adjacent to the first plot.
    • They install a Veteran’s memorial on the second plot at the same time the memorial is installed on the first plot.
    • The information on the memorial for the second plot is as complete as possible, and includes their name.
  • The memorials in the Field of Honour must follow specific regulations set out by the War Memorials Committee of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 1:
    • The head of Veteran’s plot will have a scroll style monument.
    • If the Veteran’s plot includes the  remains of a spouse, the spouse’s memorialization may be either a flat marker or bronze plaque attached to the memorial

Booking an Interment

The City of Regina interments can be booked up to one month in advance, and the booking must be confirmed at least two business days prior to the burial through Cemeteries Administration Office. All of the required information, legal documentation, paperwork and payment must be submitted to the Cemeteries Administration Office before an interment is officially confirmed. You can contact the City of Regina's Cemeteries Administration Office by:

  • Email: 
  • Phone: 306-777-7395
  • In-person: Cemeteries Administration Office, 815 Assiniboine Avenue East, Regina, SK S4V 1A6. Book an appointment in advance so we can better serve you one on one.

The following information is required when booking an interment:

  • Full legal name of the deceased
  • Deceased date of birth
  • Deceased date of death
  • Authorized decision-maker’s full name, address and phone number
  • Next of kin’s full name, address, phone number and relationship to the deceased
  • Date and time of the interment
  • Interment site including name of the Cemetery, Lot and Placement (head (A), middle (B), foot (C)
  • Signed Cemetery License Agreement by the authorized decision-maker for the lot and Indemnity Agreement (if applicable). Further documentation may be required.
  • If you are booking from out of town, a copy of the certificate can be provided by fax or email with the original provided to our office prior to the interment by mail or dropped off at the office.
  • The Original Cremation Certificate. It is provided by the crematorium usually with the cremated remains.
  • Payment made prior to the interment by cheque (made payable to City of Regina), VISA, MasterCard, American Express or debit.