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There are several different columbarium choices at both Regina and Riverside Memorial Park Cemeteries. Niche sizes are listed on the Bylaws and Regulations page under additional information.

Outdoor Columbarium – standard niche and family niche

Prairie Plaza Columbarium

All standard niches hold up to 2 urns. Riverside's Prairie Plaza Columbarium also has family niches that hold up to 4 urns. Your local monument company will work with you to memorialize the niche.



The ossuary at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery is a communal outdoor, above-ground repository for cremated remains.

Indoor Columbarium

Indoor columbarium

An indoor niche at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery can accommodate up to 2 urns. Each niche has a glass front that can be etched with memorialization by an engraving service provider.

Urns must be fire resistant and are available through local funeral homes.


A personal security code allows you access to the indoor columbarium during visiting hours.

Contact the Cemeteries Office to book an appointment to purchase or review interment options or to discuss interment costs that apply.