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Arrange an Interment

Upright traditional monumentWhen a loved one passes away, funeral directors will work with families to arrange both the funeral and the burial (also referred to as interment). However, if you wish to arrange the interment yourself, Cemetery staff can assist you. The information sheet on Booking an Interment of cremeated remains may be of use.

At that time, you will be asked if your loved one pre-planned their final wishes.  If no plans were made, you will be asked what type of interment you wish to arrange. There are several options for interment available at City of Regina cemeteries:

  • traditional plots
  • columbariums
    • outdoor standard niche (holds up to 2 urns)
    • outdoor family niche (holds up to 4 urns)
    • outdoor ossuary (communal above-ground repository for cremated remains)
    • indoor niche (holds up to 2 urns)
  • cremation plots
    • standard plots (permits up to 4 urns)
    • single plots (permits 1 urn)
  • scattering garden for cremated remains

If your loved one was a veteran, you can ask that the interment take place in the Field of Honour at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery.

If working with a funeral home, their staff will provide you with the list of services provided and their costs, which may include any fees and charges involving City of Regina cemeteries they paid on your behalf.