Image of the City of Regina

Annie Jane (Boselly) Lovering (1867-1963)
Henry Langston Lovering (1867-1954)

Suffragist & Entrepreneur

These native Ontarians first moved to the interior of British Columbia. They returned east to New
York and then moved to Regina where Henry established a successful nursery business in 1907.  
Henry later sold his business and worked for the provincial government until 1933.
Annie was very active in women’s activities and was president of the Regina Council of Women.
She was also a founding member of the board which created the Victorian Order of Nurses
in 1929 and served on its board of governors. The Loverings’ daughters, Luella and Marjorie,
also had successful careers in education and politics, respectively.

A native of Coldwater, Ont., Henry finished his public-school education at home
before moving to Belleville, Ont., where he studied for the ministry at Albert College. He
was sent to the Fraser River district in British Columbia as a missionary student.  In 1899,
he returned to Belleville to marry Annie Boselly and bring her back to British Columbia
where they opened a store in Fernie.

A few years later, they traveled to New York where they established a successful nursery
business. In 1907, they moved their enterprise to Regina and for many years operated the
Regina Nurseries. Henry later sold the business in order to become a lands inspector for
the provincial government where he remained until his retirement in 1933.

Annie also established a successful civic career in Regina.  An active church worker
and supporter, she was involved with the 14th Avenue Methodist Church, serving as
president of its ladies’ aid program for several years. She was also president of the Regina
Council of Women from 1927 to 1929. Afterwards, she was appointed chairman of the
committee that organized the Victorian Order of Nurses in 1929 and later served on
its board of governors. After her retirement from the board, she was accorded a life
membership in the organization. She was also honoured with life memberships in the
Regina, Provincial, and National Council of Women. And additionally, she became a
charter member of the 14th Avenue Methodist Church.