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Learn About Our Field of Honour

Veteran's SectionThe City of Regina honours veterans at both Regina and Riverside Memorial Park Cemeteries with a section dedicated to the interment of past or present Canadian Armed Forces, para-military forces (e.g., RCMP) or Allied Forces.

Currently there are over 1,275 veteran's plots located at Regina Cemetery surrounding the Cross of Sacrifice and over 2,630 veteran's plots located at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery.

Prerequisites for burial in the Field of Honour

If you are considering the Field of Honour at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery as a final resting place for yourself or your loved one:

  • A regimental identification number is required.
  • Both traditional (casket) and cremated remains are allowed.
  • The remains of the Veteran’s spouse may be interred in the same plot and have their name included on a bronze plaque attached to the memorial or a flat marker. A spouse can only have their own plot and monument adjacent to the Veteran if:
    • They were a Veteran.
    • There is a second plot available that is adjacent to the first plot.
    • They install a Veteran’s memorial on the second plot at the same time the memorial is installed on the first plot.
    • The information on the memorial for the second plot is as complete as possible, and includes their name.Veteran's memorials
  • The memorials (grave markers) in the Field of Honour must follow specific regulations set out by the War Memorials Committee of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 1:
    • The head of Veteran’s plot will have a scroll style monument.
    • If the Veteran’s plot includes the  remains of a spouse, the spouse’s memorialization may be either a flat marker or bronze plaque attached to the memorial.

Last Post Fund

The Last Post Fund is dedicated to ensure that war veterans, military disability pensioners and civilians who meet wartime service eligibility criteria can have a dignified funeral and burial, regardless of financial challenges that may be present.

The Last Post Fund is op erated in cooperation with, and supported by, Veteran’s Affairs Canada.