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Corporate Priorities

Strategic Plan

The City of Regina announced its first corporate strategic plan in March 2008.

Over the course of 2012 and 2013, the organization focused on initiatives that narrowed the gap between current and expected services levels and our ability to deliver them. This was achieved by corporately identifying and evaluating our services and programs, working to understand and manage service level expectations, optimizing resources through innovation and safety, and communicating the financial gap and implications.

The City of Regina has continued its commitment to the strategic planning process. With the recent approval of Design Regina, our Official Community Plan (OCP), our strategic planning process is now designed as the implementation plan to achieve the OCP. “Building the Foundation: Strategic Plan 2014-2018” is the first step in that process.

”Building the Foundation” is in alignment with our mission:

 The City of Regina contributes to its citizens’ quality of life by providing services

and infrastructure at a level and of a quality that is sustainable.

Strategic Plan 2014-2107 requires initiatives to achieve our goals. Included are Regina Revitalization Initiative, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, two of the largest projects the City of Regina has ever undertaken.

Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI) 

The largest redevelopment project in our city’s history begins with the construction of a new stadium at Evraz Place. Relocating the stadium will free up the existing site at Taylor Field for a dynamic new housing development within minutes of Regina’s downtown. The CP container yard will relocate to the Global Transportation Hub west of the city, opening up new space to develop Dewdney Avenue. Here, we will expand Regina’s entertainment district and build a new walkway to connect this vibrant area to downtown.

The RRI will bring neighbourhoods, facilities and people together in ways never before possible. It will create new opportunities for business and investment. And it will bring new life to our city’s core with walkable connections between the sites and convenient links to major thoroughfares from Evraz Place.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The City of Regina is upgrading its sewage treatment plant to meet new environmental regulations. The City held a referendum on how to build the plant on September 25, 2013, and voters supported Council’s decision to proceed with a public-private-partnership (P3).

This is one of our largest and most complex capital projects to date. A new plant is essential so we can:

  • Protect public health and our environment,
  • Improve water quality for downstream residents and businesses, and
  • Meet the needs of our growing population.

Regina has a long history of environmental stewardship and responsible sewage treatment. A new plant will protect Wascana Creek and the Qu’Appelle River system.