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Meet the City Manager

Message from Chris Holden, City Manager chrisholden

It is my honour to serve as City Manager in the City that has been my home for over 40 years – a city where I have raised my family and have had the privilege to serve residents either directly, or indirectly throughout my over 30-year municipal government career – all right here in Regina.

Operating a City is complex. The City continues to provide great value for your tax dollar including dozens and dozens of services through the skills of over 2,700 permanent employees. Examples you might think about include fire protection, the delivery of clean, safe water and numerous recreational facilities and park spaces for you to enjoy. And there are other services with a little less profile such as fixing sewers and streets, removal of wastewater, garbage and recycling, and mosquito control, which are just as necessary for a well-functioning City.

I am committed to leading us toward our aspirational vision of Regina as Canada’s most vibrant, inclusive, attractive and sustainable community where we all live in harmony and thrive. We continue to work toward becoming Canada's best-run municipality. This necessitates providing services and infrastructure at a level and of a quality that is sustainable today and tomorrow.

Our direction continues to be guided by the community’s priorities identified through extensive community engagement and described in Design Regina, the Official Community Plan (OCP).  Building on those priorities, our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and I are implementing the City’s 2014-2017 strategic plan, Building the Foundation. We remain committed to finding approaches to delivering services that meet community expectations for affordability and accessibility, particularly when our city continues to grow and demands for local government services increase. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that growth is smart and sustainable.

To achieve this, in fall 2015, the City joined a national municipal benchmarking network called OMBI (Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative). The goal is to improve our capacity for measuring, comparing and sharing performance data and operational practices so that we can improve how services are being delivered, demonstrate accountability to residents and better measure our corporate performance.

As I look forward to my first year as City Manager, I know my experience and the experience of the team of leaders and employees who work on residents’ behalf every day will help us continue to manage changes that improve our corporate performance, strengthen our responsiveness to customer service requests, manage growth, improve financial viability and engage citizens and employees.

I look forward to the ongoing contributions of residents, community stakeholders and partners. Your ideas and input make a difference and helps shape our fantastic city.

Chris Holden