Image of the City of Regina

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is the City’s roadmap for work planning and priority setting. It is based on direction determined by Council and the community as articulated in Regina’s Vision, Design Regina: the Official Community Plan (OCP), our Community Priorities while responding to changes in the environment.

The 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, Making Choices Today to Secure Tomorrow: Advancing the Official Community Plan, is designed to develop the teams, tools and processes to help ensure the sustainable delivery of reliable services over the long term to deliver on the OCP, and ultimately the vision. It includes 12 objectives that build toward the following targeted outcomes which were identified by senior leaders in the Administration as being the most important for the City to achieve over the next four years:

  • Residents trust us by being informed and engaged.
  • We advance policy and service changes consistent with the Official Community Plan.
  • We balance community need and affordability across all services.
  • Residents value services and believe they receive value for what they pay.
  • Employees are engaged and empowered.