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Core Continuum

TkMC introduced the "Working Definition of Core Services" or the Core Continuum in a draft format at the outset of the Core Services Review. "The purpose and value of the ‘Working Definition of Core" is to establish, for the City of Regina, a shared decision-making framework based on values, or a vision. The application of this framework helps the City confront the need to make choices in a more reasoned way." It was tested and validated at various levels within and outside the organization, including members of Council and Board of Police Commissioners, Senior Management, community partners, and focus groups made up of randomly chosen citizens of Regina.

Chart listing the core services Regina will provide

Working Definition of Core Services 

  • Legislative Activities: as required by Municipal and Planning Acts, Police Act and other binding legislation.

  • Public Safety and Security: services to protect citizens, visitors and property.

  • Urban Infrastructure: services to plan, build and maintain roads, bridges other transportation infrastructure and buildings and facilitate the movement of goods and people.

  • Stewardship of Assets and Environment: land use planning and other services that promote economic vitality and protect assets of the community.

  • Crime Prevention: those services and activities that are intended to prevent criminal activity/behaviour (beyond legislated).

  • Special Services for the Disadvantaged: providing assistance to disadvantaged citizens.

  • Leisure Opportunities: services, programs, parks and facilities that provide leisure opportunities for a broad user base.

  • Cultural Support Activities: services, programs and facilities that provide opportunities for community opportunities to participate and attend cultural events.

  • Augmented Services/User Pay Services: services provided over and above those that are core and where individuals or groups are prepared to pay additional fees.

  • Non-core: beyond the scope of normal municipal purview and without justification.

Based on the feedback received 2 adjustments were recommended:

  • Crime Prevention should be higher on the continuum, either at the same level or immediately following Public Safety and Security.
  • There should be no differentiation between Leisure Opportunities and Cultural Support activities.