Image of the City of Regina

Environmental Scan

Resulting Key Themes: Strengths & Challenges

TkMC senior staff interviewed approximately 40 members of City Council, Board of Police Commissioners, Senior Administration and Union/Association Presidents. The results of the discussions were collated and common elements of information were used to form the environmental scan. Key themes identified for both organizations are as follows: 

City of Regina

  • An acknowledgement of a history of strong, sound administration;
  • A desire for change;
  • A need to strengthen the strategic focus;
  • The need for better public engagement;
  • A concern about sustainability;
  • The need for more and better planning;
  • Concerns about urban infrastructure; and
  • A level of skepticism between Council, Administration and Unions in regard to the decision-making criteria on policy issues.

Regina Police Service

  • The strategic challenge of the intensity of social issues in the inner city;
  • The need to engage the community as a critical success factor;
  • Change is underway;
  • Difficulties in operationalizing community policing; and
  • Demographics of officers (average experience is low).

The environmental scan demonstrates a high level of interest in attributes of what is referred to as the ‘new public organization':

  • Citizen-centered (customer focus and public engagement);
  • Participative leadership;
  • People-centered (employee empowerment);
  • Change-oriented;
  • Results-oriented (ability to demonstrate outcomes);
  • Decentralized; and
  • Entrepreneurial and competitive.