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Improvement Opportunities

TkMC's report outlined improvement opportunities in 5 areas including Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Process Improvements, Corporate Improvements, Service Area Improvements (mini-business cases) and Opportunity Logs. The complete report  and all appendices are available.

A description of each type of improvement opportunity is provided below as well as a summary listing of opportunities (where appropriate).

Strategic Initiatives (7)

TkMC describes Strategic Initiatives as those that cross multiple departments and, in some cases, significantly impact both organizations. The initiatives that TkMC believes to be most fundamental to the development of a new municipal organization include:

1. Strategic Planning 2. Creation of a Project Management Office 3. Organizational Change 4. Shared Services Model 5. Integrated Community-building through a Network Organization 6. Long Range Financial Planning 7. Public Participation Strategy

Council, the Board of Police Commissioners and the respective Senior Management groups must create a shared commitment to the change process. Council's role is to define the strategic plan for the City and develop the policy framework or the evaluation and decision making related to strategic direction. The development of the plan and policy is supported and implemented by the Senior Management. Fundamental to this process and new municipal organization is the creation of an environment that results in a new Council/Management relationship that results in long term change that is driven by the vision, mission, organizational values, specific strategic initiatives and strategic decision making.

Corporate Process Improvements (6)

The Corporate Processes were identified by TkMC early in the CSR as areas that the City and or RPS should review as part of the program. The CSR team was tasked with examining the current state of each, researching the leading practices of these processes in other municipalities or government entities, analyzing the extent of resources currently dedicated within the organization to the process, and suggesting the benefits to making changes to the processes. The Corporate Processes are:

1. Grant Review 2. Recruitment 3. Procurement 4. Public Engagement 5. Establishment and Administration of Boards and Committees 6. Customer Relationship Management

Appendix E: Corporate Process Mini-Business Cases  addresses each of the processes

Corporate Improvements (11)

Through the review of the opportunity log and a session with the Review Team to reflect upon their experience in the collection of information from across the organizations, there were a number of opportunities identified which were corporate in nature. Unlike the service area improvements, which were narrower in application, the corporate improvements transcended the boundaries of any one Department or the organization, and were commonly identified through the process. The opportunities variously related to revenue, efficiency and process improvements.

  1. Corporate Revenue Strategy
  2. Rates and Fees Review
  3. Integrated Business Planning
  4. Succession Planning Strategy
  5. Asset Management Strategy
  6. Deployment of Workflow Technology
  7. Employee Wellness and Attendance Management
  8. Corporate Strategic Planning
  9. Corporate Project Management Office
  10. Knowledge Management Centre 
  11. Customer Service Strategy

Appendix D: Corporate Improvement Mini-Business Cases  includes mini-business cases on the corporate improvements.

Service Area Improvements (61 Mini-Business Cases)

The service area improvements came from the Opportunity Log. To gather opportunities a log was created and ideas for improvements were submitted from across both of the organizations. A critical review of the opportunities found 61 which met an initial test for ease of implementation and return on investment.

Appendix C: Service Area Improvement Mini-Business Cases  in the TkMC final report provides a complete list of the opportunities examined through mini-business cases. In some cases the Review Team determined that further analysis was required; in others they indicated that the opportunity was not worth pursuing for various reasons. Each business case (regardless of the original conclusion) will have to be reviewed at the Department level to ensure that the analysis was appropriate and the conclusions are correct.

Opportunity Logs

The Opportunity Logs contain 1,237 opportunities which were submitted by City of Regina and Regina Police Service employees at all levels and from all departments. Opportunities are listed in Appendix F: Consolidated Opportunity Log   in the TkMC final report. Some opportunities are more realistic to implement than others, but all of the opportunities will be reviewed, sorted and sifted in an effort to ensure that all potential ideas are considered.