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Summary of Recommendations

This section includes the 7 high-level recommendations provided by TkMC in their final report. The paragraph in italics following each recommendation provides the City Manager's and Chief of Police's initial plan to address the recommendation.

  1. City Council and the RPS Board of Police Commissioners receive the Report titled, "Choices for Redefining Excellence" (December 2004). The report will be officially received from TkMC by Mayor Pat Fiacco on Monday, January 24, 2005. It will be tabled with City Council that evening.
  2. Council establish a Committee of Council to act as sponsor of the Implementation Plan, oversee the implementation and provide necessary recommendations to Council. (December 2004) The Executive Committee of Council will be responsible for monitoring progress of implementation for the City of Regina. The Board of Police Commissioners will be responsible for progress monitoring for the Regina Police Service. Corporate issues or those strategic initiatives that affect all of City Council (e.g. strategic planning) will be addressed through Executive Committee. Department specific issues will be reported on through the respective standing committee (e.g. Transit issues will be addressed through Parks and Community Services Committee).
  3. The RPS refers the Report to the Chief of Police to review and provide a recommended course of action. The referral will be officially undertaken at a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners in early 2005. The implementation will be managed through the Chief's Office.
  4. The City establishes a Program Management Office (PMO) reporting to the City Manager to:
    • Review opportunities and categorize as to relative degree of change, implementation effort and implications. These implications should include but not be limited to impact to service, requirement for policy change, Council and Administrative roles.
    • Assess the public engagement requirements for the various categories of opportunities based on the implications determined above, and in conjunction with Public Affairs recommend an engagement plan as part of the implementation.
    • Develop a detailed program plan for implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.
    • Opportunities having potential of implementation in 2005 should be identified for action.
    • Manage the process and ensure integration between the City and Police Service where interdependencies exist. (January to June 2005).
    The mandate for the Program Review division within the City Manager's Office will be changed from program review to the implementation of a change process for the organization. Detailed responsibilities related to the Core Services Review include project management for strategic initiatives to be undertaken by City Council and the senior management team, as well as addressing in partnership with the departments, the various opportunities and mini-business cases outlined in TkMC's report.
  5. Opportunities from the Core Services Review contained in Section 5 (Service Area Improvements, Corporate Process Improvements and Corporate Improvements) and the Strategic Initiatives contained in Section 6 of the Core Services Review be referred to the PMO for further review, recommendations and implementation details. (January to June 2005). The City Manager will provide Executive Committee with a Plan for Change in the Spring of 2005.
  6. City Manager to report to Committee on progress monthly and receive direction as required pertaining to the implementation of the program. (Ongoing). Progress reports will be provided to Executive Committee. Specific issues will be addressed with the appropriate standing committee.
  7. City Manager to initiate short and long term human resources transition plan to support CSR decisions of Council. (As required). Any change management initiatives that affect current human resource requirements and structures will be addressed as part of the implementation plan for that initiative. For any complex initiatives, human resource transition planning will be a major consideration as part of the overall plan for change. Human Resource Transition planning will address contemporary Human Resource management practices and adhere to the collective agreements in place.
  8. That City Council conduct the necessary work to establish more defined governance, accountabilities, role definition and decision–making policy framework, as identified in this report. (March and ongoing 2005). The City Manager will provide suggested approaches to addressing these issues to City Council through Executive Committee (in the spring of 2005). Based on that information, Executive Committee will make decisions on how to move forward with specific strategic initiatives related to these issues.