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Find Out About the Core Services Review

The Core Services Review (CSR) examined services provided by the City of Regina and the Regina Police Service  to identify ways to provide more efficient, effective and innovative services for Regina citizens.

At the completion of the CSR, a final report was presented to City Council. This report, called Core Services Review, Choices for Redefining Excellence, was prepared by TkMC, the consulting firm responsible for undertaking the review. You can review the complete report or the companion to the report.

The CSR has already provided many benefits, in dollar savings, increased efficiencies and improved ways of doing things. The review was a very valuable endeavour for the City of Regina, and the results will carry the organization into the future. Several reports have been prepared to provide comprehensive descriptions of the progress made in implementing results of the CSR. These reports detail the work undertaken and describe the resulting savings and efficiencies.

City Council and the Administration continue to work on the strategic and tactical improvements identified in the CSR in alignment with other corporate priorities.