Image of the City of Regina

Learn the Organizational Structure

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The City Manager may delegate decision making authority to the Executive Leadership Team.
ELT members are:

  • Chris Holden, City Manager & Chief Administrative Officer
  • Ian Rea, Chief Financial Officer
  • John Paul Cullen, Executive Director, Organization and People
  • Karen Gasmo, Executive Director, Transportation & Utilities
  • Diana Hawryluk, Executive Director, City Planning & Development
  • Kim Onrait, Executive Director, City Services
  • Jim Nicol, Chief Legislative Officer & City Clerk
  • Byron Werry, City Solicitor & Executive Director, Legal Services

The Executive Leadership Team makes its decisions and recommendations to Council based
on alignment with the organization’s mission:

The City of Regina contributes to its citizens’ quality of life by providing
services and infrastructure at a level and of a quality that is sustainable.