Image of the City of Regina

NQI Certification (Level 1)

In the fall 2008, the City of Regina achieved Level 1 certification of the National Quality Institute (NQI) Progressive Excellence Program.

NQI is one tool the City uses to measure the progress toward attaining its mission of becoming the best-run municipality in Canada. This external, objective set of criteria is based on:

  • principles that are aligned with the Corporation's vision, mission and values
  • how the City of Regina operates   

Level 1 certification

Level 1 is about the City choosing its direction as an organization ... an organization that continually improves to enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors by:

  • building on the current areas of excellence found in the City
  • developing the Corporation's vision, mission and values, and how these were communicated to residents and employees
  • understanding the needs of customers ... Regina residents (identified through the Customer Service Strategy)
  • offering of leadership training courses

In 2009, the City will work toward certification at Level 2. Our goal is to qualify for Level 4 and win the Canadian Award for Excellence in 2012.


To learn more about NQI visit the National Quality Institute website.