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Contract Zoning Amendments

Contract zoning amendments are used to rezone land to accommodate unusual zoning situations on an individual basis. A contract zoning amendment is granted by City Council, and must be completed within certain conditions, terms and/or time limits.

Rezoning of land permits the carrying out of a specified proposal, where the proposal is consistent with the following:

  • small or irregularly shaped lots
  • lots restricted by physical barriers such as water courses, slopes, roadways, railways
  • infill sites in higher density residential or missed use areas
  • lots in residential zones to permit the operation of day care centres in house form structures

No Contract Zone shall be designated on a part of a building or structure based on the leasehold interest of a lessee in the land on which the building or structure is situated.

Contract zoning amendments are not granted for land where the applicant is the lessee of a building or structure on the land.

The Contract Zoning Amendment Form contains information and an outline of the application process.