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Area Plans (Proposed and Approved)

Proposed Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans provide high-level policy direction for the long-term growth, development and servicing of a particular area. Where a neighbourhood plan applies to a proposed new residential or commercial area, it sets the stage for more detailed planning: concept plans and rezoning.
The following Neighbourhood Plans are either under review or are being considered by the Regina Planning Commission, City Council or Province of Saskatchewan:

Proposed Concept Plans

Concept Plans illustrate, for proposed new development areas, the specific location of land-uses, streets and open space. Concept Plans generally apply to smaller site areas, such as development phases within an overarching neighbourhood plan area or infill or redevelopment site, and set the stage for more detailed planning: rezoning and subdivision.
The City is not reviewing any new Concept Plans at this time.

For information on area plans that are being, or will be, considered by the Regina Planning Commission or Council, view meeting calendars and agendas.

Approved Neighbourhood Plans

Design Regina has two parts: Part A is a citywide policy plan, and Part B is a collection of secondary plans for specific areas of the city.

Approved Concept Plans

Concept plans give direction for land use as outlined in the secondary plan for the area.