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Portable or Permanent Signage

A portable sign is described in Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 9250 as “a free-standing sign mounted on a trailer, stand or similar support structure which is designed in such a manner that the sign can readily be relocated to provide advertising at another location, and may include copy that can be changed manually through the use of attachable characters.”

All portable signs located within Regina require a permit. You do not need a permit if you are renting or leasing a portable sign from a sign rental company as it is the company’s responsibility to obtain the permit.

To apply for a portable sign permit

Read the Guide to Using Portable Signs, then complete and submit your Portable Sign Permit Application to the Planning & Development with your application fee. If approved, your portable sign permit is valid between July 1 to June 30 of the next year.

Other signs

A sign is described in Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 9250 as “any writing (including letter or word), pictorial representations (including illustrations or decoration), emblem (including device, symbol or trademark), flag (including banner or pennant), or any other figure of similar character which is a structure or any part thereof, or is attached to, painted on, or in any manner represented on a building; is used to announce, direct attention to, or advertise; and is visible from outside the building.”

A permit is required for any changes to a permanent sign. A permit is also needed if you alter the business name on the sign to a new one.

To apply for a sign permit

Read the Guide to Using Permanent Signs to learn the regulations and standards for these types of signs. If your proposed sign meets these requirements, complete and submit your Permanent Sign Permit Application to Planning & Development with your application fee.