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Proposed New Zoning Bylaw

What is a Zoning Bylaw?

Zoning Bylaws provide regulations for land use and development within cities. These regulations determine what can be built on a parcel of land taking into consideration the other land uses surrounding that property or within a neighbourhood. These zones protect the character and stability of neighbourhoods while promoting orderly development through regulations that relate to building use, height and placement on the property.

Zoning Bylaws align with Official Community Plans which are long term plans to guide the physical, environmental, social and cultural development of a city. Zoning Bylaws are designed to facilitate the goals and policies in Official Community Plans.

We want your input

The proposed new Zoning Bylaw is the result of a comprehensive review of the City’s existing Zoning Bylaw No. 9250. This review included extensive consultation with Regina residents, developers, architects, home builders, non-profit housing providers, realtors, and community associations.

Thanks to everyone who attended a Zoning 101 session in your ward between January 29 and March 7 or submitted comments and questions online. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will be considered and incorporated where possible in the final proposed Zoning Bylaw that will be released in May and considered by Council in June.

Next Steps:

  1. Prepare the final proposed Zoning Bylaw for public release May 8, 2019.
  2. Property owners receive by mail official notice of proposed changes specific to their property.
  3. Zoning Clinics held in late May (dates and locations to be announced soon) for property owners to discuss specific questions related to their properties.
  4. Council’s consideration of the proposed Zoning Bylaw on June 17, 2019.

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Why is zoning important?

Zoning is necessary because of the different needs of each type of land use. The Zoning Bylaw provides regulations that make it possible for each type of development to build and thrive within the city without interfering or conflicting with different land uses nearby. View Primary Zones Summary Sheet.

Why is the City updating its Zoning Bylaw?

  1. To facilitate the goals and priorities of the City’s Official Community Plan: Design Regina which provides a 25-year, long-term plan for Regina’s growth
  2. To update regulations to facilitate contemporary development practices and land use within Regina
  3. To remove regulations not pertaining to land use that are more appropriately enforced in other City bylaws
    View what Regina’s Zoning Bylaw does and doesn’t do.
    The City is consolidating sign regulations together under one new Proposed Sign Bylaw.

What’s New in the Proposed Zoning Bylaw?

When adopted, the proposed Zoning Bylaw will not result in significant or immediate changes for most residents and businesses. Most changes are best understood in terms of the development flexibility they will provide new development to facilitate achieving Regina’s community vision to be “Canada’s most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity.”

The proposed Zoning Bylaw sets the regulatory framework to facilitate neighbourhood transformation through growth and development within the City, protect existing areas that are in transition and support complete neighbourhoods. The proposed Zoning Bylaw will manage changes to the City’s future urban footprint, recognizing the value of integrated infrastructure and land-use planning.

View significant changes in the proposed Zoning Bylaw


Neighbourhood Transformation

Complete Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Transformation

Complete Neighbourhoods


See what the proposed Bylaw means for your property

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