Image of the City of Regina

Neighbourhood Transformation

More flexibility in zoning and land use will enable neighbourhoods to encourage diversity while preserving their identity and character. The proposed new Zoning Bylaw encourages more variety in neighbourhoods by proposing to permit a wider range of residential building types like townhouses and apartments in more residential areas, including those that currently consist of predominantly single detached dwellings. Providing a variety of housing options within an area supports residents who want to live within their neighbourhood throughout their life cycle and often contributes to more diverse demographics in an area.

Secondary suites will also now be allowed in townhouse and semi-detached housing, not just in single detached homes as is currently allowed. This supports gentle intensification, greater accessibility and diversity within a neighbourhood. These factors can also contribute to economic growth within a community.

Infill Development

The proposed Zoning Bylaw provides new regulations related to infill development in existing neighbourhoods. These regulations include:

  • Building height restrictions
  • Changes to front and side yard setback requirements
  • Limitations on first floor height

Infill development regulations support neighbourhood transformation and renewal while helping preserve the existing character of the neighbourhood. These regulations apply to the development of new residential dwellings on vacant land, additions and structural alterations to existing dwellings, and to the replacement of existing residential dwellings with new ones.