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Notable Changes in the Proposed Zoning Bylaw

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Summary of Changes

Notable Change

What Changes

Vehicle parking

Minimum of 1 required parking stall per dwelling in all residential areas

Parking for commercial/industrial/institutional uses will be calculated based on gross floor area of building

Process to allow for parking reductions


Requirements in all zones to provide bicycle parking stalls for apartments and non-dwelling uses

2-unit detached/semi-detached

Will be permitted in previous single dwelling neighbourhoods

Secondary Suites

Will be allowed in townhouse and semi-detached building forms

Manufactured Home Parks

Purpose-built manufactured home parks will be allowed in other areas of the City


Will be permitted in more zones

Smaller lots

Will be permitted in more residential zones as the development standards for minimum lot area and minimum lot frontage have been reduced

Residential Landscaping

Concrete will no longer be a permissible landscape material

Front-facing garages restrictions

Allows for single garages on small lots and double garages on large lots.

Lane/driveway access

Changes made to encourage rear lane access to homes

Infill Overlay

  • Height
  • Front Yard Setback

Development within existing neighbourhoods will have to be considerate of existing structures

Large format retail

Retail buildings above a certain size will be limited to Urban Centres/Corridors

Light Industrial

Light industrial development will be permitted as part of mixed-use areas