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Overview of All Zones

Zones are created when a variety of similar land uses are brought together within a common geographic boundary. The proposed Zoning Bylaw includes the zones identified in the chart below.

Reference Summary of Permitted and Discretionary Land Uses.

Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 9250 Zone Summary.

Residential Zones


Zone Code

Zone Name

Development Types

Lower Density Residential



Residential Neighbourhood Zone

Residential Urban Zone

Allows for development of one and two-unit dwellings while promoting flexibility in lot size for residential development.

Medium Density Residential


Residential Low-Rise Zone

Allows for development of a mixture of low-rise multi-unit building types.

High Density Residential


Residential High-Rise Zone

Allows for development of a mixture of multi-unit building types, especially in urban corridors, transit nodes and prominent intersections with a mixture of multi-unit building types.

Manufactured Residential Zone


Residential Manufactured Home Zone

Allows for the development of manufactured homes within a manufactured home park setting.


Commercial Zones


Zone Code

Zone Name

Development Types

Small Format Commercial


Mixed Low-Rise Zone

Allows for low-intensity commercial and mixed-use development supporting local neighbourhoods by providing day-to-day goods and services.

Mixed Commercial


Mixed High-Rise Zone

Allows for medium-intensity commercial and mixed-use development along non-local streets, key transportation corridors and near transit stops.

Large Format Commercial


Mixed Large Market Zone

Allows for high-intensity commercial and mixed-use development comprising of planned shopping centres and major business groupings oriented around arterial streets and key transportation corridors.

Other Commercial


Office Area

Allows for  limited medium-intensity office development outside the Downtown by restricting the type, scale and size of buildings and uses.


Industrial Zones


Zone Code

Zone Name

Development Types

Industrial Light


Industrial Light

Allows for low and medium-intensity industrial development as well as small scale commercial activities to support industrial uses and their employees.

Industrial Heavy


Industrial Heavy

Allows for high-intensity industrial development, limited consumer-oriented non-industrial land uses for retail or wholesale purposes, and small scale commercial activities to support industrial uses.

Industrial Prestige


Industrial Prestige

Allows for low-intensity industrial development in suitable locations in or near neighbourhoods with a mix of uses to ensure an appropriate transition between non-industrial land uses and higher-intensity industrial land uses.


Direct Control District Zones


Zone Code

Zone Name

Development Types

DCD Zones



Allows for the development of a mixed-use environment supporting the Downtown as the City’s main business center and the primary employment, civic and cultural hub.


Laneway Housing Project

Allows for laneway suite development as a pilot project in select greenfield areas to determine its usefulness, performance and other possible future locations.


Former Diocese of Qu’Appelle Lands

Allows for a broad range of mixed-use and residential development that compliments, links and forms part of the culturally-sensitive adjacent land and designated heritage buildings.


Saskatchewan Drive

Allows for the sensitive redevelopment of lands adjacent to the CPR mainline between Albert Street and Elphinstone Street.


Transitional Area Neighbourhood

Allows for a wide range of dwelling, office, service and retail land uses to promote the gradual intensification of the area bound by 13th Avenue, Broad Street, College Avenue and Albert Street, while complementing the Downtown.


Dewdney Warehouse District

Allows for the re-use of existing buildings and expansion of new and established businesses on historically sensitive lands along Dewdney Avenue between Albert Street and Broad Street.


Special Zones


Zone Code

Zone Name

Development Types

Special Zones



Allows for singular, unique development opportunities permissible by means of a contact agreement between the property owner and the City.



Allows for the development of facilities that are institutional, community or of public service in nature.


Urban Holding

Allows for an orderly transition of agricultural land to other uses in areas planned for eventual urban development, as well as the protection of lands envisioned for future development or in the floodway that is not suitable for development.



Allows for development on lands directly associated with the provision of transportation by railroad, switching and terminal operations.