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Proposed Zoning Bylaw

The proposed new Zoning Bylaw has been structured to facilitate a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for people needing to reference it. Regulatory language has been simplified where possible and regulations not pertaining to land use have been removed.

Chapters are organized by zone and provide all relevant requirements in one place with land uses more clearly defined.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw User Guide

View Reference Summary of Permitted and Discretionary Land Uses.

*Yellow highlighted sections within these chapters mark regulations unique to the zone. Sections not highlighted are duplicated in all other zones within the chapter.


Bylaw ChaptersRationale Documents

Chapter 1 – Authority and Administration

Chapter 2 – Interpretation

Chapter 3* – Residential Zones

3A – Residential Neighbourhood (RN)  
3B – Residential Urban Zone (RU)  
3C – Residential Low-Rise Zone (RL)
3D – Residential High-Rise Zone (RH) 
3E – Residential Manufactured Home Zone (RMH)     





Residential Neighbourhood
Residential Urban Zone
Residential Low-Rise Zone
Residential High-Rise Zone
Residential Manufactured Home Zone

Chapter 4* – Mixed Use Zones

4A – Mixed Low-Rise Zone (ML)
4B – Mixed High-Rise Zone (MH)
4C – Mixed Large Market Zone (MLM)
4D – Office Area Zone (OA)

Chapter 5* – Industrial Zones

5A – Industrial Prestige Zone (IP)
5B – Industrial Light Zone (IL)
5C – Industrial Heavy Zone (IH)

Chapter 6 – Direct Control District Zones

6A – Downtown (DCD-D)
6B – Laneway Housing Pilot (DCD-LHP)
6C – Former Diocese of Qu’Appelle Lands (DCD-QP)
6D – Saskatchewan Drive-North Railway (DCD-SD
6E – Transitional Area Neighbourhood (DCD-TAN)
6F – Dewdney Avenue Warehouse (DCD-WH)

Chapter 7 – Special Zones

7A - C Contract Zone
7B - I Institutional
7C - UH Urban Holding
7D - RW - Railway



Mixed Low-Rise Zone
Mixed High-Rise Zone
Mixed Large Market Zone
Office Area Zone 


Industrial Prestige Zone
Industrial Light Zone
Industrial Heavy Zone


Laneway Housing Pilot
Former Diocese of Qu'Appelle Lands
Saskatchewan Drive-North Railway
Transitional Area Neighbourhood
Dewdney Avenue Warehouse


C Contract Zone
I Institutional
UH Urban Holding
RW - Railway

Chapter 8 – Overlay Zones

8A - AC Architectural Control District Overlay 
8B - AP Aquifer Protection Overlay
8C - DEN Residential Density Overlay
8D - FA Floor Area Overlay
8E - FW Floodway Overlay Zone
8F - H Holding Overlay
8G - HT Height Overlay
8H - LGS Laneway and Garden Suite Overlay
8I - NEF Noise Exposure Forecast Overlay
8J - PL Pipeline Corridor Setback Overlay
8K - RID Residential Infill Development Overlay
8L - RS Railway Setback Overlay
8M - LA Lane Access Overlay


Chapter 9 – Maps
Chapter 10 - Appendix


AC Architectural Control District
AP Aquifer Protection

DEN Residential Density
FA Floor Area
FW Floodway 
H Holding
HT Height
LGS Laneway and Garden Suite
NEF Noise Exposure Forecast
PL Pipeline Corridor Setback
RID Residential Infill Development
RS Railway Setback
LA Lane Access