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10 Times the Zoning Bylaw Applies to You

When thinking about building a house.When thinking about developing a secondary suite.
The Zoning Bylaw determines what kind of housing is permitted in each zone, the maximum area it can occupy on the lot, and the maximum allowable height. The Bylaw indicates the types of building that can have a secondary suite and the maximum size of the secondary suite.
When planning to build a new garage.When planning to build or expand your driveway.
The Bylaw identifies the maximum size and appropriate placement of both detached and attached garages. The Bylaw specifies which yard (front, side or rear) can have a driveway and the maximum width of the driveway.
When building or expanding the deck on your property.When planning to put a storage shed in your yard.
The Bylaw specifies how close decks are permitted to be to the property line. The Bylaw identifies the yard (front, side or rear) where a shed can be placed and the maximum size of the shed.
When planning to add to the front or back of your house.When thinking about changing your land use.
The Bylaw specifies how close the addition can be to the property line and the maximum area the complete building can occupy. The Bylaw specifies which land uses are allowed in which zones.
When thinking about starting a business in your home.When thinking of starting a day care facility.
The Bylaw indicates the types of uses that are prohibited as a residential business and the maximum area the business can occupy in your home. The Bylaw indicates the amount of parking and drop-off spaces required for the day care.