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Proposed Zoning Bylaw Change – Religious Institutions

Current Zoning Bylaw allows for religious institutions (ie. churches, synagogues, temples, mosques) to locate in any residential, as well as most commercial and institutional zones. The City of Regina is considering an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw to extend the areas where religious institutions can locate to light and medium industrial zones. Light and medium industrial zones include uses such as manufacturing, processing, assembly, distribution, service or repair activities. The map on the right shows the locations of light and medium industrial areas--IA, IA1, IB, IB1, IT, IP, and WH zones (select map to view).

For comparison purposes a club (such as ethno-cultural, arts based or other), community centres, and recreation service facilities (health clubs, athletic or dance instruction), which are similar to religious institutions in impact, are permitted in light and medium industrial zones.

The online feedback form is now closed. Thank you to all who provided their input.

Questions or inquiries may be directed to: Ben Mario, Senior City Planner, 306-777-6823 or