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Ward Boundary Review

What’s going on?

A review of the 10 city wards is taking place in 2019 to ensure the city’s population is distributed evenly between each ward prior to the 2020 municipal election. 

Are you an early bird? Have something to say NOW about ward boundaries? Email You can also drop us a line at:

City of Regina
Office of the City Clerk
PO Box 1790
2476 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK  S4P 3C8

And you can always give us feedback when the proposed boundary changes are available for you to see in March.


Why do this now?

In accordance to Section 60 of The Cities Act, the City of Regina is required to review its ward boundaries after every three elections or when the population of a ward varies by more or less than 10 per cent from the average population per ward.

With the growth Regina has seen since the last boundary review in 2014, some wards now fall outside of the 10 per cent variation limit. The Municipal Wards Commission ensures that the population of each ward is similar in number. This makes sure every resident’s vote has the same value as that of the next person and that each resident has adequate representation from their Ward Councillors.


How is this being done?

City Council establishes a Municipal Wards Commission that follows a common five-step process:

  1. Research and analyze population statistics and local communities
  2. Public engagement and feedback
  3. Develop ward boundary options
  4. Public engagement and feedback on ward boundary options
  5. Final report to City Council


What is the purpose?

  • To evenly distribute population throughout the wards
  • To look at communities of interest and neighbourhoods within the city
  • To do our best to not split up well-established communities
  • To consider other factors – ward’s history and physical or natural features

Who is responsible for decisions?

City Council is legislated to appoint the following three members to a Municipal Wards Commission:

  • A Justice designated by the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan who shall act as the Commission chairperson
  • The City Clerk
  • A representative of the University of Regina designated by the President of the University of Regina

Appointed Commission members are Madam Justice Lana Krogan (Chairperson); Jim Nicol, City Clerk; and Dale Eisler, U of R Senior Advisor of Government Relations.

After the hearing, the Commission will determine the final ward boundaries and submit its decision to City Council in June 2019.

For more information view The Cities Act (sections 57-62) and The Municipal Wards Commission Bylaw No. 2010-29.