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History of Civic Art Collection

James Henderson
James Henderson
Mayor W.E Mason, 1926
Oil on Canvas

In 1983, the Regina Arts Commission, a sub-committee of the Parks and Recreation Board, assisted the City in developing an art collection policy and began to build a collection.

In 1985 the Administration began an inventory of the artwork that had been stored throughout the city. Some of the oldest pieces were portraits of Regina’s earliest mayors and scenes of Regina at the turn of the 20th century.Today, the Civic Art Collection holds over 330 pieces of fine art and can be seen at City Hall and all of the city-owned and operated facilities in Regina.The purpose of the Civic Art Collection is to:

  • develop, manage and preserve an art collection that will enhance the interior and exterior of public places in the City of Regina
  • demonstrate that the City of Regina recognizes its responsibility to preserve art objects which have historic and/or aesthetic significance, and to acquire art objects whose quality and associations are such that they will have continuing significance to the City
  • encourage and benefit resident artists and crafts people, professional and amateur

Inglis Sheldon Williams - Street Scene

Inglis Sheldon-Williams
Street Scene, 1913

  • demonstrate the City's commitment to the value of historic and contemporary art, which will inform, enlighten and enhance the life of the community.

For more information regarding the Civic Art Collection, please call 306-777-7000.