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Immigrant Sculpture Recognition Project

The Immigrant Recognition Sculpture titled Regina Lace has been installed at Queen Elizabeth II Court.


This project allows Regina citizens to keep history alive by recognizing the contributions that immigrants and their families have made, and continue to make, to our city.


Immigrant Sculpture Plaque

The entire project will be funded by donations from the public through the sale of commemorative plaques intalled along with the artwork.

At $400 each, about 1,000 plaques will be sold. The total budget of the public art project was $250,000.

The Regina Multicultural Council has partnered with the City of Regina to promote donations and plaque purchases. Individuals, families and groups are invited to donate in honour of those who immigrated to Regina in the past century. Anyone can purchase a plaque and there are no restrictions for those who would like to donate.

In the context of this program, the term "immigrant" is defined as any family or person that has come to Regina from another country, region or environment, to settle and make it their home for a period of their lifetime.

To purchase a plaque, download the Donation & Plaque Purchase form