Image of the City of Regina


The sculpture design of Canadian artists Stephen Braithwaite and Douglas Bamford was selected for the Immigrant Recognition Sculpture Project in January 2008. The artists’ submission includes a proposal to research Regina’s immigration history and produce an artwork in 2 parts, to be installed on opposite sides of the fountain in the City Hall courtyard.

One part will feature a large steel panel with water jet cut-out text featuring stories, poetry, expressions, significant names and events relevant to Regina. Text will be cut right through the steel to create a pattern of light.

Bronze figures and luggage cast from living members of the community and historical artefacts will be located on the second half of the work. Doug Bamford and Stephen Brathwaite are friends and working associates. Bamford resides in Halifax where he works as a ceramics technician at NSCAD University and carries on his own art practise. Brathwaite lives in Almonte, Ontario, where he is involved in heritage redevelopment and public art placement.