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After a Disaster

Depending on the nature and severity of the disaster or emergency, recovery will occur at a national, provincial, community, and personal level.

Keep these tips in mind as you and your family recover from a disaster:

  • Keep records of all costs, including hotels, meals, travel, clean-up and repairs.
  • Determine what community services are available to assist you during this period (transportation, schools, stores, daycare, etc.)
  • Call your insurance agency.
  • Do not go back to your home until emergency crews have said the area is safe.
  • Follow instructions from authorities on how to decontaminate and clean your home, especially after a flood or dangerous goods accident.
  • Use flashlights to assess the damage to your home. If you smell gas or an unusual odour, leave immediately and call authorities.
  • Ensure water and food is safe to drink.
  • Assess the damage to your home thoroughly. Compare this record to the photos or video tape you made of your home before the disaster to remember forgotten items.
  • Do not throw out damaged goods until an official inventory can be made by your insurance company or emergency services department.
  • Access government aid and relief if it is available. The Province of Saskatchewan has a program to help disaster victims cope with the cost of repairs and recovery from disaster-related property damage.