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Pets In Emergencies

Many families consider their pets a beloved member of their family. Since public emergency reception centres may not allow pets, you should plan in advance where your pets can stay in an emergency:

Before an emergency:

  • Ask your veterinarian or the Regina Humane Society for advice on pet boarding arrangements in case of a disaster or evacuation.
  • Establish an ‘out-of-area’ contact who could look after your pet in an emergency.
  • Know which motels and hotels inside/outside Regina will allow pets.
  • Ensure immunization and pet records are up-to-date (pet shelters will not accept pets whose shots are not current)
  • Add pet supplies to your survival kit and emergency food and supplies kit:
    • 3 day supply of pet food and water
    • Animal treats and toys
    • Plastic bags/litter to pick up wastes
    • Pet medications
    • Immunization records
    • Travel cage/kennel
    • Leash or harness with I.D. tag attached
    • Veterinarian’s name and phone number

During an emergency:

  • Take your pet with you to a pet-friendly motel or to your out-of-area contact.
  • If you must leave your pet at home:
    • Leave PLENTY of food and water for your pet.
    • Post your evacuation destination in a prominent place inside the house.
    • Post a large, visible note on your front door telling emergency workers that there is a pet inside waiting to be rescued.

After an emergency:

  • Watch for strange or aggressive behaviour in your pet as a result of stress from the emergency.
  • If required, take your pet to the veterinarian for medical assistance to any injuries.