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Provincial Response to a Pandemic

Saskatchewan Health works with federal and other provincial governments on pandemic planning. The Canadian Pandemic Influenza Committee - a federal/provincial committee of communicable disease and public health experts - developed recommendations regarding the use of antivirals in a pandemic.

Saskatchewan participated in the development of a national stockpile of antivirals. In the event of a pandemic, these drugs will be distributed in accordance with national guidelines developed by the Pandemic Influenza Committee.

Other activities Saskatchewan Health has been involved with:

  • The department is working closely with Regional Health Authorities on the development of regional pandemic plans.
  • The department made improvements to the provincial emergency response structure.
  • The department reviewed and refined the provincial pandemic influenza response plan.

Saskatchewan Health’s Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan provides a framework to assist the provincial government, regional health authorities, municipalities, First Nations and other key stakeholders to develop their own plans in preparation for a pandemic.