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Emergency Reception Centres

Staffed by Emergency Social Services volunteers, emergency reception centres are areas where evacuees can go to during a disaster.

Centres may be located in a facility such as a recreation centre, church hall, school, hotel lobby or even a tent; it depends on what’s available in the community or what is needed to respond to that emergency. The location of emergency reception centres will be broadcast on radio and television during an emergency.

Often emergency reception centres are established to meet the essential needs of people affected by a disaster. (e.g., shelter, washroom facilities, basic medical needs, bedding, water, and food (cafeteria style). Centres may also serve as:

  • Registration area for evacuees
  • Information centre providing updates and information from local officials
  • Staging site for volunteer disaster relief workers
  • Location where insurance adjusters can operate

Emergency reception centres are often very noisy and crowded since families will live, eat, and sleep together in one large area. Often centres will not allow pets inside; therefore, you should make alternate arrangements to care for your pet in an emergency.