Image of the City of Regina

City of Regina Emergency Planning Process

The City of Regina has a emergency plans that coordinates the City response to any major emergency or disaster. The plans, which are constantly evolving, are targeted to specific groups within the City.  There are five main corporate plans.  These are:

  • Emergency Management Plan – This is the public facing plan. It describes the methodology and general process that the City uses to respond to emergency events but contains no confidential information. 
  • Council Emergency Plan – This plan is specific for City Councillors. It describes their roles and responsibilities, how to declare a state of local emergency and provides background information on emergency management in general.
  • Emergency Response Plan – This plan is for City management. It describes expectations and reporting requirements for each department. It also outlines how to establish and operate the City’s Emergency Operation Centre.
  • Emergency Information Plan – This is the crisis communications plan for the City.  It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various groups tasked with information sharing, public notification and media support. 
  • Incident Command Plan – This plan is for emergency services staff who are in tactical command of an incident site(s). Their tactical operations achieve the goals and priorities of the Emergency Operations Centre and Council. This plan provides direction for escalating events from day-to-day emergencies to fully supported major disasters.   

The emergency plan enables the City to activate an Emergency Operations Centre that will:

  • assist emergency personnel to respond quickly and effectively to potential disasters such as wildfires, major storms, chemical spills, floods, plane crashes, or tornados.   
  • provide a concentrated assessment and decision-making body that can best utilize all available resources, and if necessary, resources from the Provincial and/or Federal Governments.
  • prioritize recovery goals and objectives.
  • maintain City services to the unaffected portion of the city when able. 

Representatives from the following organizations meet regularly with the City of Regina to update and exercise the emergency plans:

    • All City of Regina Departments
    • Regina Fire & Protective Services
    • Regina Police Services
    • Regina Public School Board
    • Regina Catholic School Board
    • Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region    
    • Regina Airport Authority
    • Critical Infrastructure partners
    • Crown corporations
    • Media liaisons
    • Emergency Social Services