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Preparing and practicing your fire escape plan

In a fire, you and your family have less than 3 minutes to get out safely before the poisonous gases in the smoke overcome you. In the past 40 years, there have been 136 fire deaths in Regina. To avoid increasing this statistic, it’s important to create an escape plan and practice it with all family members before a fire occurs. 

Creating your plan

  1. Fire escape plan drawing Go into every room in your home. Identify and write down 2 ways to get out each room (e.g., door and window).
  2. Teach family members to crawl low if there is smoke. Since smoke rises, this is where the good air is.
  3. Teach family members to close the door and go to the window if they are trapped in a second story, or higher, room.
  4. Designate a family meeting place outside the home, such as a neighbours yard or a tree down the street.
  5. Instruct family members to call 9-1-1 from a neighbour’s house. NEVER call from inside the home.
  6. Check that smoke alarms are properly located and in good working condition.
  7. Video tape or photograph your home and belongings for insurance purposes and store a copy outside your home.

Present your plan to family members

1. Hold a family meeting.
2. Walk through your home with family members. Discuss escape routes.
3. Demonstrate to young children how to get out of the house safely:

  • how to crawl along the floor underneath the smoke to exit a room
  • how to check if fire is behind a door (Place your hand on the door; if it is hot, DO NOT open the door. If it is cool, open the door slowly and crawl out.)

4. Ensure everyone knows where the family meeting place is located.
5. Stress to children that they should not hide when they hear the smoke alarm. They should get out quickly.
6. Children should be taught not to wait for adults, but to get out quickly.

Practice your escape plan twice a year

  1. Ask family members to go into the rooms they normally sleep in and shut the door.
  2. Push the test button on the smoke alarm.
  3. Ensure family members check the door to see if it is hot before opening it.
  4. Once outside meet with other family members at the designated family meeting place. Do a head count to ensure everyone is out of the house.