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Explore the City of Regina Historical Collections

The City of Regina Historical Collection was established in 1985 to identify, collect, preserve, and make accessible records of historical value to the City of Regina and its citizens. Records that are acquired must represent a significant contribution to understanding the City of Regina’s development, culture, its natural and built environment, political life, and the people who have had an impact upon its community. The collection includes more than 6,000,000 documents, including textual records, photographs and architectural drawings.

The City is in the process of digitizing its archives.  Information about the collection is available online and directly accessible by the public at all times. You can browse this virtual archive here. A portion of the archive has been scanned and uploaded at this time, but work will continue and additional documents are being added regularly. Some records, such as those containing personal information or those under copyright restriction, will be excluded from the virtual archive. Oversized records will be scanned at a later date.
Access to the original, physical documents in the archival collection will continue to be available on request to the Historical Information and Preservation Supervisor, and viewings will be available at City Hall.