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Archival records are primary sources created during the course of historical events. Since archival records are one-of-a-kind, they cannot be borrowed, and physical records must be viewed at City Hall or online at the Virtual Archive. Archival records must be handled with care following certain procedures. One advantage of the Virtual Archive is that records are handled less frequently, which will help preserve them for years to come.

Finding ancestral information

The City of Regina Historical Collection has a few items that may be helpful to genealogists, including early City of Regina Municipal Manuals (1912-1929), Tax and Assessment Rolls, Voters’ Lists and a unique City of Regina census dated 1906.

Cemetery records for the two city cemeteries, Riverside and Regina Cemetery (4th Ave) can be found here.

High school yearbooks and Henderson Directories can be found at the Prairie History Room of the Regina Public Library (Central Branch). Census records, passenger boat lists and records from defunct school districts can be accessed at the Saskatchewan Archives.

Researching the history of a house

The best place to begin research on the history of a specific property is in the Henderson Directories. These directories provide listings of home and building occupants, spouse and occupation. These books are not always accurate, but they provide a rough idea of who occupied the home, when it was built, and when or if the house was demolished or destroyed. Henderson Directories are available at the Prairie History Room of the Regina Public Library (Central Branch).

The City of Regina Historical Collection contains Building Permit Registers for Regina. Building Permit Registers are arranged chronologically. To use these records, it helps to know when the house was built and the lot, block and plan number where the building is located.  You can find this information by using the Assessment & Tax Database. There are a number of architectural drawings and photographs of properties in the Historical Collection, and information about these images is available on the Virtual Archive.

What is not kept at the City of Regina Archives

The City of Regina Archives DOES NOT have property ownership records. In Saskatchewan, property records are held by Information Services Corporation (ISC). You can contact ISC at: 1-866-275-4721.

Birth, death and marriage records for Saskatchewan are held by the Vital Statistics unit of eHealth.  You can contact eHealth at or 1-855-347-5465.

The City of Regina Historical Collection does not have baptismal records. To find baptismal records, begin by contacting the church in question to find out where such records have been stored.

Newspapers, Henderson Directories and high-school yearbooks for Regina can be found at the Prairie History Room of the Regina Public Library (Central Branch). 

Census records, passenger boat lists, defunct school records and homestead records can be found at the Saskatchewan Archives.  The Saskatchewan Archives also has a large photograph collection and newspapers from across the province.