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About the Awards

What is celebrated through these awards?
The City of Regina recognizes individuals and organizations that have enhanced the quality of life in Regina through demonstrated commitment to conserve our city’s built heritage and history and to celebrate our collective history.

What is the purpose of heritage for our City?
Heritage acts to conserve the history of our diverse communities, and offers a way to meaningfully evolve these traditions and identities into the future. The City of Regina believes that heritage is a timeless resource held in trust for the benefit of present and future generations.

Who can nominate?
Any individual and/or organization can nominate. It is the responsibility of the nominator to inform the nominee(s) of their nomination. The nominator and the nominee can be the same.

Who can be nominated?
The nominees are the individuals and/or organizations who have contributed to the success of the project, such as but not limited to property owner(s), architect(s), designer(s), contractor(s), volunteer(s), committee(s), organisation(s), and any other significant partner(s) in the project.

What are the eligibility criteria?
Eligible projects must demonstrate a strong commitment to conservation of Regina’s built heritage and history, and are normally undertaken or completed in the current and/or preceding year. Projects may involve residential, public, commercial and industrial buildings, open spaces, sites, monuments, trails, special endeavours and volunteer initiatives.

What are the awards categories?
There are nine categories in total. Projects can be nominated in more than one category.

  1. Restoration: Revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic place or of an individual component, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, as accurately as possible, while protecting its heritage value.
  2. Conservation: Protecting, maintaining, or stabilizing the existing form, material and integrity of a historic place, or of an individual component, while protecting its heritage value.
  3. Rehabilitation: The sensitive adaptation of a historic place or of an individual component for a continuing or compatible contemporary use, while protecting its heritage value.  This is achieved through repairs, alternations and/or additions.
  4. New Design - Infill: New design which is sympathetic to heritage properties and streetscapes with respect to building scale, height, massing, roofline and finishing materials, in existing developed areas or neighbourhoods.
  5. New Design - Addition: New design involving a structural addition(s) to an existing heritage building that is (are) sympathetic to or compatible with the original or established building design with respect to scale, height, massing, fenestration, roofline and/or finishing materials.
  6. Heritage Open Space: The promotion, restoration and new design of heritage open spaces, sites, monuments and trails.
  7. Education: Endeavours that enhance the public understanding and appreciation of Regina's natural and human heritage.
  8. George Bothwell Heritage Award for Public Service: Exceptional volunteer involvement and commitment to heritage activities that enrich community life in Regina.
  9. Keith Knox (Youth): This award recognizes the special contribution of non-professionals under the age of 25.

When is the awards ceremony?
Typically, the awards ceremony is held immediately before the City Council meeting closest to National Heritage Day, the third Monday of February.

National Heritage Day is an opportunity to celebrate the architectural heritage and historic places of Canada. It was founded by the Heritage Canada Foundation, which has the mandate to encourage the conservation and demonstration of the nationally significant historic, architectural, natural and scenic heritage of Canada.

How many awards have been awarded to date?
Over the past two decades, the City of Regina has presented 127 awards. The awards were distributed as follows:

  • 28: Adaptive Re-use/Rehabiliation
  • 28: Education
  • 15: George Bothwell Heritage Award for Public Service
  • 6: Heritage Open Space
  • 7: New Design - Sensitive Addition
  • 8: New Design - Sensitive Infill
  • 16: Restoration - Exterior
  • 14: Restoration – Interior
  • 3: Preservation/Conservation
  • 2: Keith Knox Heritage Award for Youth