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Information for Property Owners

Places of heritage value help tell the story of the community and are a significant part of our history.

Municipal Heritage Property Owners

A designated Municipal Heritage Property has been identified as historically, culturally or architecturally significant and is protected under The Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act for future generations.

As an owner of a designated Municipal Heritage Property, you have a responsibility to maintain and conserve the heritage value of the property.

If your property is protected under the Heritage Designation Bylaw or the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District Bylaw, you will need a Heritage Alteration Permit to renovate, upgrade, do repairs or major maintenance work that applies to the elements specifically protected under the bylaw. You may also be eligible for assistance to rehabilitate your property through the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.


Heritage Holding Bylaw Property Owners
The Heritage Holding Bylaw is a listing of properties adopted by Council in 1989 that have been identified as eligible to become designated as Municipal Heritage Property.


If a property is listed on the Heritage Holding Bylaw, it is not protected in the same way as a designated property. The bylaw is a flagging tool and allows for a 60 day hold period for City Council to decide if the property should be designated in the event that the property owner requests demolition or a major alteration that would result in significant loss of its character-defining elements and the reason for its heritage value. The City can delay issuance of a building or demolition permit for 60 days to determine if the building should be designated as a Municipal Heritage Property.


As an owner of a listed property, you may wish to apply for heritage designation to be eligible for the financial assistance to rehabilitate a designated building through the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program. All applications for heritage designation are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


If you are planning exterior renovations, foundation or any work that may change the character-defining elements of your property, contact the Development Services Department at 306-777-7000 or They can review your plans with you to help ensure that the work retains the heritage character of the property and identify if you may wish to apply for Municipal Heritage Designation to be eligible for financial assistance under the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.


Questions? Contact:

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