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Responses - Civic Naming Quiz

  1. Is Bell Street named for a person or an object?  
    Answer: Person

    “Ranger” Bell was a park foreman who beautified Victoria Park, worked in the city skating rinks and founded the Parks Hockey League in 1927. Carol Gay Bell was Canada’s first female jazz disc jockey before she began a long career in the arts that culminated in her founding the Saskatchewan Roughriders cheerleading squad and Saskatchewan Express. She received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Canada 125 Medal

  2. How many Regina streets are named in honour of Tommy Douglas?
    Answer: 4

    Douglas Avenue, Douglas Crescent, Douglas Park Crescent and Douglas Road are all named in honour of Thomas “Tommy” Douglas, the seventh premier of Saskatchewan and founder of Medicare. Douglas Park is also named in honour of Tommy Douglas.

  3. Is Bird Bay named for an animal or a person?
    Answer: Person

    Dick Bird was a photographer and filmmaker who filmed wildlife movies for Disney and shot the first film on venereal disease for the United States Army. 

  4. How many two-word streets in Regina are named “Green” something?
    Answer: 36

    Regina currently has 36 two-word street names that begin with “Green”. An additional nine street names are one word with the word “Green” starting off the name, i.e. Greenwood Crescent.

  5. Is Chester Place named for a person or a thing?
    Answer: Thing

    The Earl of Chester is a title given at the sovereign’s pleasure, usually to the heir to the throne. It is named for the town Chester in England.

  6. How many streets and/or parks in Regina are named after a provincial/territorial capital city?
    Answer: 5

    We have Victoria Avenue and Victoria Park, Halifax Street and Halifax Bay, Quebec Street, Toronto Street, Winnipeg Street and Regina Avenue. Two streets are named for the nation’s capital: Ottawa Street and Ottawa Place. Our St. John Street and St. John Place, although misspelled, are named in honour of Saint John, New Brunswick, which is not the capital of New Brunswick. So far, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Iqualuit, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Edmonton are all left out of Regina street and park names.

So, how many did you get right?

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