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Pasquale (Pat) Fiacco is one of Regina’s longest serving Mayors, serving 12 years (four terms) in the position. He is one of only two Mayors who has won by acclamation (in 2003). Fiacco was born and raised in Regina, where he took up boxing as a youth. Among other titles, Fiacco was the bantam weight champion of Canada in 1980. Upon retirement from boxing, Fiacco took up officiating and organizing boxing on a local, provincial and national level, serving as the head of Boxing Canada, officiating at the 2004 Athens Olympics as the Canadian referee and judge, and organizing the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic.

During his tenure as Mayor, Fiacco inaugurated the wildly successful “I Love Regina” campaign.

CORA-D-0091 Mayor Pat Fiacco with kids at a Regina Pats playoff game in 2002