Image of the City of Regina


Robert Martin came to Regina in 1883 as a druggist with Dawson, Bole and Company. Five years later he purchased the business and in 1887 he reorganized it in association with Peter Lamont, William Pettingell and Charles Black as the Canada Drug and Book Company. Robert Martin was a pioneer member of the North West Territories Pharmaceutical Association and was appointed examiner for that body at it first meeting. He assisted in forming the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association in 1907 and later served as its president. He was a member of the senate of the University of Saskatchewan, and the Robert Martin Scholarship in pharmacy at that university is an appropriate reminder of his contribution to the profession in this province. Martin was Mayor of Regina in 1894 and again from 1913 to 1914. He served nine years on the Town and City Councils.

CORA-RPL-B-0384 Composite of the 1914 City Council with Mayor Robert Martin