Image of the City of Regina


John K. McInnis was Mayor in 1899. The editor of the Regina Standard and founder of the Regina Daily Standard, Saskatchewan’s first daily newspaper, McInnis was a journalist and politician who endured a nailbiter of an election for the federal seat of Assiniboia West against fellow journalist Nicholas Flood Davin.

The election of 1896 was tied at 1,502 when the returning officer, Mr. Dixie, broke the tie in favour of Davin. Davin became forever known as “The Honourable Minister for Dixie”, while McInnis turned his attention to local politics, serving first on Town Council in 1896 and then as Mayor in 1899. While McInnis sold his newspaper interests in 1913, he and his sons remained in Regina and became involved in real estate transactions, with their biggest sale being land which eventually became the Imperial Oil Limited Refinery.