Image of the City of Regina


Cornelius Rink, Mayor of Regina from 1934 to 1935, Cornelius Rink had one distinction held by no other mayor. He fought against Queen Victoria's troops in the Boer Was and was decorated by her grandson, King George V in 1935, when Rink was mayor of Regina and King George was celebrating the 25th year of his reign. Rink also held the distinction of being the only Boer holding membership in the Regina Branch of the Boer War Veteran's Association.

Rink served three terms as an alderman, covering seven years of office, and first ran for Mayor in 1914. He campaigned on economy and democracy claiming, "The Mayor's office door is so seldom open that the hinges are rusty."

CORA-B-0017 City Council 1934, C. Rink, Mayor